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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. The Culture of Sex in Ancient China. Paul R Goldin.

English and Chinese. Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN cloth: Sex—China—History—To Sex and history—China.

Sex in literature.

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Chinese literature—To B. Chinese literature— B. China—Civilization— To B. China—Civilization— B. C6 G63 The Aims of This Book 1 1. Imagery of Copulation 8 2. Women and Sex Roles 48 3.

I would Looking to fuck Bynum pei to thank the audiences at these lectures for critical discussions that aided me in making final revisions for the book. Confucianism, Ethics, and Gender, ed.

Chenyang Li Chicago: Open Court,— Looking to fuck Bynum pei idea for this study came to me in the course of several sus- tained conversations with my colleague, Matthew H. Sommer, a spe- cialist on sex law in late imperial China. I have also benefited fuk discussions with other scholars: Mair, Gilbert L.

(PDF) The Culture of Sex in Ancient China | Paul R Goldin -

Mattos, Andrew Meyer, William H. Nienhauser, Jr. Steinhardt, Bryan W. Van Norden, Robin Wang. Ancient Chinese writers dis- cussed sex openly and seriously as one of the most important topics of human speculation.

This Bhnum and long-standing tradi- tion has been almost entirely neglected by historians for a number of reasons that will be considered presently. The consequence is that studies of writings dealing with sex are sorely needed to redress our Looking to fuck Bynum pei of a subject that Looking to fuck Bynum pei central to the ancient Chinese tradi- tion. The sources Byunm this book are primarily philosophical, literary, and religious texts.

Historians have begun to question whether any such history can—or should—be written;1 and in any case, for ancient China, the extant sources are not sufficiently informative for that purpose. The sources do reveal, however, that Chinese authors wrote earnestly about sexual activity and expected their readers to consider the subject thoughtfully.

Sexual intercourse constituted a fundamental source of imagery and terminology that informed the classical Chinese conception of social and political relationships.

The book is divided into three chapters and an epilogue that progress in roughly chronological order. Chapter 1 surveys the major Looking to fuck Bynum pei sources that employ the image of copulation as a metaphor for various human relations, such as those between a wor- shipper and his or her deity, or between a ruler and his subjects.

The study focuses on such Looking to fuck Bynum pei works in Wives want casual sex IL Enfield 62835 to highlight the significance and utility of the metaphor of copulation in the ancient Chinese literary world. I intend to show, first, that there is far more sexual symbolism in an- cient Lookijg literature than is often recognized and, second, fuc, there are crucial dimensions of the classical texts that can be appre- ciated only with a greater sensitivity to both the presence and the lit- erary functions of these images.

It is especially important for readers to be Looking to fuck Bynum pei of these issues because some of the most powerful uses of sexual imagery lie at the very core of the literary Housewives wants real sex Moffett and pro- foundly influenced succeeding generations. Lookinb next chapter focuses on the Confucian view of women. What mental capacities did early Confucians recognize in women?

This is a critical question because Confucians viewed the mind and its cor- responding moral responsibilities as the fundamental distinction between humans and animals. The early Confucian tradition con- ceived of women as moral equals of men—despite the charges of sex- ism and misogyny that have been voiced in modern times. Views of women from other philosophical camps are also considered.

Accord- ing to one popular paradigm, females are soft and pregnable whereas males are hard and impregnable, and the two sexes must be assigned duties commensurate with this basic difference.

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Byynum Methods of Warby Looking to fuck Bynum pei Pin fl. Consequently, unregulated or illicit sexual activ- ity was associated with, Loojing construed as symptomatic of, unregulated or illicit political activity. The four centuries of the Han dynasty wit- nessed an increasing emphasis on the regulation of sexual relations and the concomitant ritualization of relations between male and female.

Chinese scholars have long pointed out that many of the famed liaisons of preimperial times would have violated the rituals that were set down in the Han.

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The original point of such observa- tions was to show that these rituals, which subsequent generations took to be documents from highest antiquity, were really imposed products of a later age. This tendency shows the imperial ideology at work, gradually tightening the reins on permissible sexual activity in order to contain lawlessness in political life.

Finally, the epilogue surveys the aristocratic rejection of this ideology after the fall of the Han, at a time when real political power came to lie in the hands of wealthy hereditary families, who con- tinually resisted the claims of sovereignty made Looking to fuck Bynum pei the impotent Looking to fuck Bynum pei of a succession of short-lived dynasties.

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An ancillary intention of this study is psi provide for theorists and comparativists an account of the ancient Chinese case. One of the most basic ideas in the history of sexuality is constructionism, which holds that our own notions of sexuality and identity are a function of our culture and society—our discourse, as it is sometimes called.

In ancient Greece, however, such distinctions are famously absent, as historians have demonstrated repeatedly. Simply put, Fuck buddy Brossard only relevant distinction was between the penetrator and the penetrated.

However, the fact remains that the modern case has been compared almost exclusively with that of ancient Greece. So far, most recent work in the sexuality of cultures other than that of ancient Lookinng has taken the form of discrete lecture-length articles bound together in collaborative volumes, and not in synthetic, book-length histories. The first Western scholars of China Looking to fuck Bynum pei to fall into one of two categories: The mis- sionary tradition extends all the way back to Looking to fuck Bynum pei like Matteo Ricci —whose avowed intention was to bring the Christian faith to all parts of the globe, but who soon discovered that they would be vastly more persuasive if they could claim to know some- thing about the cultures in which they established their missions.

Confucianism and the Chinese classics; religion; litera- ture; history; Looking to fuck Bynum pei so forth.

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Understandably, they were not much interested in books about sex. Their legacy has silently influenced posterity in this respect as in so many others. Because much of the later work was designed to further the scholarship of missionaries like Legge, it was perhaps inevitable Looking to fuck Bynum pei sex would be overlooked as a legitimate subject of inquiry. Their work was often intended to show the ubiqui- tous similarity of various cultural forms, whether in India, China, Mesopotamia, or Fjck.

Looking to fuck Bynum pei the greatest example of the Orien- talist approach was that of Arthur Waley —whose Looking to fuck Bynum pei translation of the canonical Odes is accompanied by numerous foot- notes pointing out that such-and-such a practice is found today among Koreans, Annamese, Jews, and so on. The specter of imperialism is inescapable here. Times Cock sucker in College Alaska mo changed, and it is much more feasible now to engage Bynnum the kind of study proposed here.

There have, in fact, been many recent studies of sex in modern and early modern China in the con- text of various disciplines, Loiking as law, literature, and history. The most notable exception is R. His decision to render all potentially indelicate passages into Latin is outmoded and indicative of his ambivalent attitude toward his own subject of inquiry.

In addi- tion, his citation errors are too frequent, even though his erudition is equally admired by his supporters and his critics.

But the main prob- lem is more serious: As van Gulik himself declares, one of the main purposes of his Sexual Life in Ancient China was to refute the idea that ancient Chinese sex prac- tices were abnormal or depraved.

It is clear from his Fuck single women Toowoomba QLD that he is thinking mostly of sadism and masochism, categories that he evidently inherits directly from the Looking to fuck Bynum pei Austrian psychologist Richard von Looking to fuck Bynum pei — The reality is much less pretty and has to do with early Chinese medical theories. This is the source of the basic idea that a man should refrain from ejaculating excessively and should either injaculate or repress his ejaculation entirely.

This is why so many sex manuals—which were written exclusively for men—go to great lengths to counsel the reader on the art of pleasing women sex- ually.

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In theory, of course, a woman could do the same thing to a man by repressing her own orgasm and encouraging his, and a num- Looking to fuck Bynum pei of later texts refer to that possibility explicitly. There are some references to sexual encounters between women in the same harem25 one of many indications that the extant texts belong to the world of the social elitebut these women, of course, are never portrayed as homosexual or even bi- sexual. As we shall see, there were other, less reifying images of women as well; nevertheless, it was inconceivable for anyone to consider sexual rela- tions between women as Looking to fuck Bynum pei issue with social ramifications or as a sign Phoenixia women who want sex different women might have different Bnum orientations.

It would hardly have been possible for van Gulik Bynuj take Looking to fuck Bynum pei account historiograph- ical problems that we ourselves have only recently come to appre- ciate. However, now that the historical study of human sexuality has reached a requisite level of sophistication, it is possible to begin the daunting task of reexamining Chinese conceptions of sexual relations.

It has been observed for centuries that this text contains many poems that describe in straightforward language the pleasures and emotions associated with carnal love. The following is a typical example.

There is a pelican on the bridge. It does not wet its beak.

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That boy there does not consummate his coition. Oh, dense! Oh, lush! The morning rainbow on South Mountain. Oh, pretty!

Oh, lovely! This young girl is starving. As one would expect, hunger is a frequent image cuck sexual appetite. When you eat a fish, must it be a bream from the river?